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2.16.010    Purpose.

2.16.020    Planning agency created—Powers and duties.

2.16.030    Planning staff.

2.16.040    Planning coordinator.

2.16.050    Planning commission.

2.16.010 Purpose.

The general purpose of this chapter is to create a planning agency under the provisions of state planning enabling legislation for optional code cities (RCW 35A.63). More specifically, the purpose of this chapter is to provide for the planning agency’s authority, responsibilities, membership and organization so that it can effectively provide advice and recommendations to the city council in regards to the future planning and development of the city. (Ord. 534 (part), 1995)

2.16.020 Planning agency created—Powers and duties.

Pursuant to RCW 35A.63, there is created a planning agency consisting of planning staff and a planning commission.

A.    Powers and Duties. This planning agency is authorized and responsible for the following:

1.    Review and updating of the city’s comprehensive land use plan; and

2.    Administration of the land use regulations of the city; and

3.    Development of new land use regulations or revisions of existing land use regulations for consideration by the city council; and

4.    Preparation of reports and recommendations on land use applications including subdivisions, variances, conditional uses, shoreline permits and other related permits and environmental review; and

5.    Other related duties as requested by the mayor and council.

(Ord. 534 § 1, 1995)

2.16.030 Planning staff.

The planning staff shall consist of at least the following: a planning coordinator, building official/permit administrator, public works director and planning agency clerk. (Ord. 534 § 2, 1995)

2.16.040 Planning coordinator.

A planning coordinator shall be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council. The planning coordinator may be an employee of the city or a consultant under contract with the city. The planning coordinator shall have the following powers and duties:

A.    Conduct and/or coordinate all activities contained in Section 2.16.020 of this chapter; and

B.    Cause the preparation of a report, to be submitted to the planning commission, containing the findings and recommendations of all staff members on land use applications or proposed land use regulations; and

C.    Cause the preparation and conveyance of a report to the city council, which shall include the findings of fact and recommendation of the planning commission on all land use applications or proposed regulations which require city council action; and

D.    Prepare an annual report to the city council regarding planning agency activity.

(Ord. 534 § 3, 1995)

2.16.050 Planning commission.

A planning commission is hereby formed and shall consist of five members.

A.    Powers and Duties. The planning commission shall act as an advisory body to the city council in matters of planning, and shall have all the powers and duties granted by various city ordinances and state law.

B.    Membership. The planning commission shall consist of five members. Two of these members may reside outside of the city limits.

C.    Terms. Upon the establishment of the planning commission, there shall be one term of one year, two terms of two years, and two terms of three years. After these initial terms have expired, each subsequent appointment shall consist of a three-year term.

D.    Appointment. All members of the planning commission shall be appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council.

E.    Meetings. The planning commission shall hold at least one general meeting in each month and shall develop and adopt bylaws that outline the procedures and policies for conducting meetings, giving due consideration to all applicable ordinances and statutes.

(Ord. 04-629 § 1, 2004; Ord. 534 § 4, 1995)

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